Why should you join the tea party or freedomworks

We need to pay attention!

A few days ago, news quietly floated from Washington. Much of the drive-by media (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.) ignored the news that in February we set a record for the largest budget deficit in our history. In February, we spent $229 billion more than we brought in through taxes and other revenues. To put this in perspective, the last budget prepared when the Republicans still controlled the Congress, the budget deficit was only $161 billion dollars for the entire year of 2007.

The Obama regime’s spending originally shocked Americans. Now we are numb to it. Our per capita debt now exceeds that of Greece and we have seen what is happening in Greece. How long before we see things like that in America?
Where is our outrage over this? Forty-two cents of every dollar we currently spend are borrowed. When will this stop?

If there is to be an America in 2020, we must stop the spending. If Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid continue the insane spending, they'll bring down America.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid all follow a philosophy that has killed directly or indirectly probably a billion people in the last century. Socialists have been the great mass murderers of the last 100 years. Why do we take anyone seriously who follows that philosophy?

If Obama and his team can wreck America's free-market economy, they'll be able to remake it in the image of a socialist nightmare. Socialism has only brought the nations that practice it poverty, tyranny and frequently mass murder.
We do not have much time to stop them. Either we stop them this election, or it is too late.

We must have people involved.
Please take a moment to forward this information to your friends. Ask them to get involved (JOIN) with their local Tea Party, FreedomWorks and Liberty groups. Watch GBTV http://www.glennbeck.com/login/?action=login&instance=gb-login and get the news not shown or simply passed over by the drive-by media. 

America is not too big to fail. Liberty and freedom are not indestructible. This is the dream Obama, Pelosi and Reid have. We must stop them, and it must be done this year. If you are not in the fight for liberty, join. Ask your friends to get involved.

Like our forefathers, it is OUR liberty we fight for!